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I have recently found an activity I love and it's cheap, fun and is great for burning calories. Zumba is a great fun way to keep fit and I found a great class that I love. Sara Kayley Zumba fitness is amazing. £5 per class, each class is an hour and at several locations.

Mondays 7pm to 8pm Totton Conservative Club, Tuesdays 6:30pm to 7:30pm Regents Park Community College and Fridays 5:30pm to 6:30pm new Oasis Acadamy School.

Zumba is so energetic, in one hour long class you can burn up to 441 calories. After the class you feel so energised and buzzing like an adrenaline high. You will sweat a lot but you know you have had a real workout.

Sara Kayley is a qualified Zumba instructor and is great at directing the class. I rarely feel lost in her classes as her prompts are easy to follow and after a while you will remember the moves. She always has a great selection of songs, all really energetic, bouncy and popular.

Sara is Brazilian so has the great rhythm, energy and passion that comes with this type of dancing. Combining Samba and Salsa brought Sara the amazing opportunity to teach Zumba. Sara herself has experienced first hand the qualities Zumba can bring to a persons life, happiness, fun and amazing weight loss. 

Zumba hit the dance scene in 2001 and has gained amazing momentum since. It has become the worlds biggest dance craze and young, old, little, large etc are enjoying it.  

The dance phenomenon was born after dance instructor Alberto Perez forgot to take the arranged music to a class he was covering. Improvising with his Salsa and Merengue music he let the music move him. The class loved it, the energy was immense and everyone left buzzing and smiling. 

Get yourself to the next class, it's the funnest way to keep in shape.